This website is provided and maintained by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (the Department). This privacy statement sets out the Department’s practices relating to the privacy of your personal information. The Department’s privacy practices are regulated by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) (PPIP ACT) and the Department’s Privacy Management Plan (PMP). Due to the recent amalgamation of various agencies to create the Department, we are currently developing a new PMP. In the interim, the following PMPs are currently in place:

– Department of Industry privacy management plan
– Department of Planning and Environment privacy management plan
– Office of Environment and Heritage privacy management plan

The relevant PMP is determined why which PMP applied to the relevant business area prior to 1 July 2019.

The Department will only collect personal information for a lawful purpose which directly relates to our primary function as a NSW Government agency and for obtaining feedback about our services. The Department will not collect any more information than is necessary for it to fulfil these functions.

The Department will not disclose your personal information to anyone without your consent, unless legally required to do so.

Anyone engaged to collect, store or use personal information for the Department will be required to comply with the PPIP Act and the Department’s Privacy Management Plan.

Please note that the Department does not have any responsibility for the privacy policies or practices of third party sites linked to this website.

What is personal information?

Your personal information relates to you personally and includes any information or opinion made about you. Personal information includes your name, address, phone number, email address or any information from which your identity can be reasonably ascertained.

Personal information is information that identifies you, some examples include:

– a written record which may include your name, address, and other details about you
– electronic records, photographs, images, video or audio footage
– biometric information such as fingerprints, blood and records of genetic material.

What is not personal information?

The PPIP Act excludes certain information from the definition of personal information. The most significant exemptions are:

– information contained in publicly available publications
– information about a person’s suitability for public sector employment
– information about people who have been dead for more than 30 years
– a number of exemptions relating to law enforcement investigations
– matters contained in Cabinet documents.

Storage of private information

We will retain the information you have provided for a period that is appropriate for the purpose for which it was provided. Your information will be archived and disposed of in accordance with the Department’s policies, legislative requirements and guidelines based on the NSW State Records Act 1998.

The department takes all reasonable steps to protect the security of any personal information held, be it stored in electronic or hard copy format. Physical measures, such as building and equipment security, are used in conjunction with digital technology, such as data encryption and firewalls, to minimise unauthorised access to information.

Disclosure of your personal information

We will not disclose your personal details unless the disclosure is authorised by the PIPP Act and Regulations. Your consent to disclose information for particular purposes may be sought by us or given by yourself for a specific purpose. If appropriate consent is not provided, we may not be able to provide certain products and services to you or your agents.

The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) confers on the public a right to access information held by a government agency, including electronic information like transactions through the web. If information is sought by a third party under the GIPA Act that affects your research, business, commercial, professional or financial interests or your personal information, we will take reasonable steps to seek your views if you are likely to have concerns about the disclosure of the information before making any decision about releasing the information.

Right of access to your personal information

Under the PPIP Act you have the right to access your personal information held by the Department without excessive delay or expense. You also have the right to have your personal information corrected in certain circumstances (e.g. if it is incorrect), Should you wish to access or correct your personal information contact the Department’s designated privacy officer at:

Public Access to Information & Privacy Unit
GPO Box 39 Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: 02 9860 1440

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