5 Simple Steps

The building owner defines the upgrade scope of works and sources quotes from service providers.

This may be a holistic building upgrade identified through an audit or a single item upgrade like solar, air conditioning or LED lighting.

Service providers can help identify the upgrade opportunities for a building.

The building owner discusses Building Upgrade Finance eligibility with the finance provider and/or local council.

Generally, upgrades to existing non-residential buildings that result in an environmental improvement are eligible, however other eligibility criteria may apply.

Application forms are used to consider and confirm eligibility criteria. Check if your local council is participating. View participating councils >>

The finance provider carries out a finance assessment and provides a finance quote and terms.

The building owner submits an application form to the local council and a finance application form to the finance provider.

The local council and the finance provider assess the forms and issue the approval.

The contract is drafted with input from each party to the contract. Service providers provide the technical information for the contract.

All three parties (building owner, finance provider, local council) execute the contract.

The finance provider releases the funds in accordance with the contract and the building owner carries out the upgrade works.

The local council issues quarterly payment notices to the building owner, and remits the funds received from the building owner to the finance provider.

The building owner completes the required report and sends this to the local council.

Who’s Involved?

Project scope and delivery, finance, contract and repayments.

Source projects and identify upgrade opportunities, provide technical advice, business case development.

Conduct financial due diligence, contract management, provide finance.

Process applications and contracts, set up the charge, levy and collect payments, enforcement (if required).

Note: Some councils may use the services of a Council Service Provider for administrative support.

To find finance providers and council service providers visit our Providers Directory

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