Role of Council

Local councils may choose to participate in Building Upgrade Finance to support their local community in accessing funding for environmental and heritage upgrades to non-residential buildings.

Local councils have a statutory administration role that includes the provision of the following services:

  • Assessment of Building Upgrade Agreement applications including checking building owner details, rates payment history and eligibility requirements.
  • Checking the building owner’s statutory declaration including the over-leverage test.
  • Providing required council inputs to the Building Upgrade Agreement schedules.
  • Reviewing and executing the Building Upgrade Agreement.
  • Declaring the Building Upgrade Charge and establishing the charge against the relevant property in council systems.
  • Raising and issuing of quarterly Building Upgrade Charge notices for the life of the loan.
  • Collection of quarterly charge payments and remittance to the finance provider for the life of the loan.
  • Debit recovery if needed.

Council Fees 2020-21

In South Australia, local councils usually charge administration fees to assist to recover the cost of the service (as listed below) they provide as part of a Building Upgrade Agreement. These fees are not upfront fees – they are only due after the Building Upgrade Agreement has been signed and the draw down of the loan has commenced.

(GST exempt)
Application Fee 0.25% of the
upgrade project
value or maximum
of $2,500.00
Set-up Fee $420.00
Annual Fee $260.00
Amendment Fee $50.00
Late Payment Fee$80.00
(GST inclusive)
Application Fee$1,500.00
Amendment Fee$50.00
Dishonour Fee$75.00
Administration Fee 1-year$650.00
Administration Fee 2-year$900.00
Administration Fee 3-year$1,150.00
Administration Fee 4-year$1,400.00
Administration Fee 5-year$1,650.00
Administration Fee 6-year$1,900.00
Administration Fee 7-year$2,150.00
Administration Fee 8-year$2,400.00
Administration Fee 9-year$2,650.00
Administration Fee 10-year$2,900.00
Administration Fee 11-year$3,150.00
Administration Fee 12-year$3,400.00
Administration Fee 13-year$3,650.00
Administration Fee 14-year$3,900.00
Administration Fee 15-year$4,150.00
(GST inclusive)
Application Fee$1,717.00
Set-up Fee$480.00
Annual Fee$298.00
Amendment Fee$59.00
Late Payment Fee$92.00
Application FeeUntil 31 December 2020, the City of Salisbury is waiving application fees (normally $1650+ GST) for Business Upgrade Agreement applications
Late Payment Fee$7.00 (GST exempt)
Dishonour Fee$75.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 1-year$658.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 2-year$911.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 3-year$1,164.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 4-year$1,418.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 5-year$1,671.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 6-year$1,924.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 7-year$2,177.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 8-year$2,430.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 9-year$2,683.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 10-year$2,936.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 11-year$3,190.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 12-year$3,443.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 13-year$3,696.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 14-year$3,949.00 (GST exempt)
Administration Fee 15-year$4,202.00 (GST exempt)
To be confirmed (GST inclusive)
Application Fee$1,500.00
Annual Fee$260.00
Amendment Fee$75.00
Late Payment Fee$50.00

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