Building Upgrade Finance funded upgrades to improve the amenity and energy efficiency of this 16-floor commercial office building including LED lighting, solar PV and power factor correction equipment. It was estimated the upgrade works would reduce the annual electricity use of the building by approximately 15% and result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 127 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e) per year.

  • Building Name:Angas Securities House, 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide
  • Building Owner:Culshaw Group (previous owner)
  • Finance Provider:AXA Investment Managers / Eureka Environmental Upgrade Finance
  • Local Council:City of Adelaide
  • Service Provider:Cminus, EfficientSee, Enerven
  • Upgrade Works:
    – Solar Photovoltaics – 29.97 kW / 111 panels
    – 1,532 fittings and bulbs changed to LED equivalents with sensors and switching throughout all common and tenanted areas
    – Power Factor Correction Unit improvement from 0.85-0.98

DATE : July 8, 2019

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