In 2018 Booth Transport established a wastewater treatment plant at their milk logistics and distribution hub at Strathmerton funded by Environmental Upgrade Finance. Prior to the installation of the new technology for treating liquid waste the wastewater from washing the milk tanks and storage silos was transported off site for disposal. The new technology combines a worm farm, where water is filtered for dairy proteins to be ingested by worms, and desalination. When fully operational, this project is expected to see a reduction of up to 3000 tonnes of carbon emission per year, and will add 121,000 kilolitres into the irrigation system each year.

  • Building Name:Strathmerton Water Treatment Plant
  • Building Owner:Booth Transport
  • Finance Provider:Sustainable Australia Fund
  • Local Council:Moira Shire Council, Victoria (supported by Better Building Finance)
  • Upgrade Works:New wastewater technology combining the use of worms, to ingest filtered dairy proteins, and desalination.

DATE : August 21, 2020

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