As a specialist food company, HJ Langdon’s business is energy-intensive. To future-proof the company from increased energy costs, and ensure the company was doing its bit to protect the environment, they installed a 430kW solar PV array funded by Environmental Upgrade Finance. The solar system saved the business $120,000 and resulted in a reduction in 561 tCO2-e per year. The savings in energy bills exceed the finance repayments by a third!

  • Building Name:HJ Langdon Food Company
  • Building Owner:HJ Langdon
  • Finance Provider:Sustainable Australia Fund
  • Local Council:Brimbank City Council (supported by Better Building Finance)
  • Service Provider:Beon Energy Solutions
  • Upgrade Works:Installation of a 430.10kW mounted solar array.

DATE : August 24, 2020

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