YourDC, a South Australian data centre used Building Upgrade Finance to fully fund installation of a 199 kW solar PV system with repayments spread over 10 years making the project cash flow positive from day one. In the first year of operation the solar PV delivered over $53,000 in electricity cost savings, 300,477 kWh in electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions of 147,219 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e).

  • Building Name: YourDC Ed Parks
  • Building Owner: Scott Hicks
  • Finance Provider: AXA Investment Managers / Eureka Environmental Upgrade Finance
  • Local Council: City of Salisbury
  • Service Provider: Cminus, Zen Energy
  • Upgrade Works: Rooftop Solar Photovoltaics – 199kW / 685 panels

DATE : July 4, 2019

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